Mobile device usability testing made easy

Mr. Tappy is a kit for recording mobile devices from a user’s point of view, without getting in their way.

Easily capture and share interactions and reactions during user research, usability testing, product demonstrations or classroom presentations with the Mr. Tappy camera kit and his free in browser viewer.

Show me the hand!

See where and how they tap/swipe, hover, hesitate and hold the device.

Face the truth

See their face for those telling moments of expression and emotion.

All devices welcome

If it’s mobile, it works with Mr. Tappy. No software to install. Easy.

Hundreds of UX professionals in over 40 countries use Mr. Tappy

You’ll find him in the studios of product managers and UX designers at the worlds sharpest, most ticketty-boo tech companies, advertising and media agencies.
Then there’s the startups, universities, app developers, banks, newspapers, (remember them?) TV channels, medical device manufacturers, game designers and even a chocolate company. mmm…
Find out more about who uses Mr. Tappy.

A taste of who’s tapping:

Design, Technology, E-commerce and Media companies use Mr. Tappy for mobile user research

Version 3 packs the following new features:

Mr. Tappy has a magnetic base for simple attachment to your device.

…and a simple twist for landscape/portrait mode

Use Mr. Tappy's in-browser viewer to check out the interaction. No install required.

with ‘picture in picture’ so you can see screen, face and hands

Mr. Tappy has his own HD webcam. It's autofocus and works well for viewing screens.

as standard, with auto focus and great light handling