Mr. Tappy – Mobile device usability testing made easy


Mr Tappy is a kit for filming mobile phones, tablet computers and hand-held devices from the user’s point of view.


Capture and share mobile UX

Originally designed as a filming rig for iPad usability testing, Mr Tappy lets you capture or share user interaction with mobile devices during UX (User Experience) research, mobile usability testing, product demonstrations or classroom presentations.

Mr. Tappy mobile UX setup demo


New features for 2016:




Three things matter when viewing Mobile UX…
Seeing the user’s screen, face, and tapping hands.


Screen – See what they’re seeing, when they’re seeing it.

Face – For those telling moments of expression and emotion.

Hands – Where and how they tap/swipe, hover, hesitate and hold the device.

Mr. Tappy does all three, on all devices, with no software to download. 


Piece of cake

Mr. Tappy is a snip to set up and use – Simply attach your mobile device, set the camera height and angle, then sit back to watch the interaction unfold.

Designed for the job

Short production runs and a constant flow of feedback mean Mr Tappy has been continuously refined since 2012. He’s designed to do just one thing – very well.

Browser-based viewer

View Mr. Tappy’s main camera, and one other with the ‘picture in picture’ feature in his Viewer app. It works right in the Chrome browser on Mac and PC – no install required.

Capture what counts

Mr. Tappy captures what happens on screen AND the user’s fingertips as they interact with the device, naturally. Hook up a second camera to the viewer to capture their expressions too.

Friendly camera and camera friendly

He ships with a high quality HD webcam and a universal camera mount for attaching the likes of ‘gopro’ and other types of cameras.



Who’s tapping with me?

Product managers and UX designers at the worlds sharpest, most ticketty-boo tech companies, advertising and media agencies.
I’m flattered, and it’s great to feel like I’m helping people do their best work.

Mr. Tappy mobile usability testing clients.

There’s also a bunch of startups, universities, app developers, banks, newspapers, (remember them?) TV channels, The list goes on…


‘Get Tappy’ for:

Usability testing

Record or share usability test sessions while capturing your users interacting naturally with a mobile device, apps or software.

Film interaction for later analysis or share in real-time by relaying a feed into an observation room where stakeholders can see things exactly as the user sees them.

Mobile UX research

Capture on screen UX directly from the user perspective with Mr Tappy’s webcam. Swap the webcam for a Micro DV cam to capture use during contextual or field research studies – In the street or on the couch, Mr Tappy will be in on the action.


Put your students in the picture. Set up Mr Tappy on your tablet or iPad and display your activity on a larger screen to share with your classroom.
Yes. I offer a volume discount from 2 units up (Just ask)

Demo your ‘appiness.

Record ‘how to’ tutorial videos – let your customers or students see exactly what you do, how and where you tap as well as the on-screen action. So much more compelling than a screen recording.


Choose your weapon…

Mr Tappy is designed for and plays nicely with use with mobile devices; tablets, smartphones, iPhone, iPad etc.

So long as the device has a flat surface on the back to stick to, he’ll be right at home with:

Tablet computers: Apple iPad, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface Pro

Mobile phones: iPhone, Android, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Sony, LG. etc.

Ebook readers: Amazon Kindle, Nook, Sony reader etc.

Wrist-wearables: Apple Watch, Garmin, etc.
(Just mount Mr. Tappy on a desktop and hover his camera over your user’s wrist. It’s a snap)

Devices with buttons, touch screens, number pads, QWERTY keyboards and slide-out keyboards.. if people interact with it, and you’d like to record or share this… Mr. Tappy is on the case.

He’s been used with medical devices, courier despatch handsets, personal navigation and GPS units, …even a fish finder.


Now get up close and personal with Mr. Tappy, and see what he’s really made of.

Or follow Mr. Tappy’s journey from way back when he was just a twinkle in a UX researcher’s eye.