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Mac OSX not playing nicely?

Some customers have experienced a weirdness getting their camera to appear on later versions of OSX,

…but there’s a simple workaround. 

Losing focus?

…here’s how to bring back clarity


Exactly as they come in the box:
(Opens as PDF)

View Mr. Tappy's instructions in a PDF.


Unboxing and setup. 2mins

(Customer video from UXgym)

Using his in-browser viewer. 1.5mins

(Customer video by UXgym)

Attaching your device. 1min

Adjusting the camera. 1.5mins

You’re probably not the first person with that question.
My FAQs have all the Tech-Specs, and Top-Tips for mobile UX research.

Parts & Service

He’s built to last, but sometimes parts go missing in action on the UX battlefield.

Chances are I’ve got the bits you need and can get one out to you.

In-browser viewer

Mr. Tappy has his own viewer.
It’s meant to be plug and play but sometimes has it’s own game.

That’s why the viewer has it’s own help section…