I’ve Evolved.


I’m $100 cheaper*

*To customers who purchased before 2016

If your Mr. Tappy is pre 2016, A big thankyou for adopting him early in his career.

Since his debut in 2012 He’s; been on a drastic diet, become magnetised, grown his own great camera and has a dedicated viewer.

And what’s more, he’s a full $100 cheaper if you’re a previous customer.

The main improvements are in the base and the camera…

Magnetic base

The base now has two ways to attach to devices:

It has a carefully balanced array of neodymium magnets embedded within its 4mm thickness.

These are attracted to paper thin metal cards you can easily slip inside a device cover.

There’s also a suction pad as an alternative, but I find the majority of customers user using the magnetic system. It’s just so simple.

HD Camera

The camera is just what Mr. Tappy needed.

Far superior to the model introduced late 2015, this is an Autofocus, HD Logitech camera with a custom mounting head to hold the camera is many positions.

At just 25 grams it’s super lightweight. It works with Mac and PC comes with an extension USB lead and yes, it does have a microphone.

Mr. Tappy Viewer

The camera is ready to plug and play with my new FREE in-browser viewer.

There no download or install required, just follow the three steps below:

Mobile device usability testing just got easier with Mr. Tappy's viewer.

Top question:

“Can’t I just buy the new camera / base and add them to my old one?”

In theory, yes, but from a complete 2016 Mr. Tappy, only the arms are the same, so it seems silly to remove three parts from the box when you could have a full kit – (actually have two full kits if you bought the new one).

Nick will get back to you with a discounted Paypal link. 

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