Bring on the next generation of UX designers...

Mr Tappy is used in design and technology departments at dozens of the world’s leading universities.

Here are just a few:

Brunel University. London

Centre of Education Tech. Estonia

City University, London

Columbia University. New York

Cornell University. New York.

Glasgow School of Art. UK

Humber College of Advanced Technology. Canada

Linne University. Sweden

Melbourne University. Australia

National University of Singapore

University of East Sussex. UK

University of Fribourg Switzerland

University of Michigan. USA

University of Manitoba. Canada

University of Texas. USA

In class interaction.

Mr. Tappy is as useful for a tutor to demonstrate an on-screen behaviour or interaction to a classroom as it is for students when testing their prototype designs for usability.

A kitset for the digital skill-set

Designing and testing products for mobile screens is an important part of the design curriculum, providing vital skills which the tech sector needs now, and in the future.

A tool of the trade

Mr. Tappy is a tool widely used in marketing, design, gaming, brand and product development companies.
(The types of companies your students will want to work at)


To support you in getting the next wave skilled up I offer an education discount.

I was once at design school, and now sometimes lecture to design students who want and need to be industry ready.


Combined shipping alone means I can provide a great discount if you order more than one.

Many universities have ordered multiple units. (4 Tappies is common). This allows many groups to be testing and sharing their work simultaneously, and for Mr. Tappy to be connected to many devices at once.

Get in touch about education or volume pricing:

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