No sweat, we figured it…

Some customers have experienced a weirdness getting their camera to appear on later versions of OSX,

…but there’s a simple workaround. 

Playing nicely with OSX

Mr. Tappy’s camera is a Logitech C525. It’s not listed as Mac compatible on the maker’s spec, but… It is.

Here’s how to get your camera going on OSX:

  1. Open Quicktime. File>New Movie Recording.
  2. Next to the red ‘record’ button is a small ‘down’ arrow. Hit that to view input sources.
  3. If the Logitech C525 is listed as a webcam and a microphone, you’re in business.

If it’s listed as a microphone only, or not at all… here’s the workaround, known to some as the ‘in and out game’:

  1. Remove and insert the USB cable, retrying to select the source until it appears listed as a camera.
  2. If after 2-3 times it hasn’t appeared, try closing and reopening Quicktime.
  3. 3-5 times later and OSX will finally ‘put two and two together’ to recognise that you’re trying to plug in a camera.
  4. Et voila. Now you can use the camera in Mr. Tappy’s viewer, Skype, etc. etc.

So why do I persist with this camera and not ship with a different, plug and play model?

Despite trying other makes and models, often with higher specifications, resolutions etc. … this model handles light and focuses the best. 

In the mean-time, I’m sure Logitech are doing everything they can to ensure compatibility, but I can’t be sure Mac are.

If you have Jony or Tim’s number at Mac, please let me know.

In the mean-time I’m in touch with Logitech and will keep you posted.

My email is if you need more information.